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LucyBelle - Today’s bronze block [2020 / UltraHD/2K]

LucyBelle  - A convenient position for big poo [2020 / UltraHD/4K]

I found a great and comfortable position to take a big poop. You have to check how well you see my whole body and my hole in this position!
LucyBelle  - I gotta take a monster! [2020 / UltraHD/2K]

Yesterday I felt that I wanted a lot of poo! But I have kept it in me until this day. When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to use the toilet. When I started pooping, I couldn’t stop! This pile was terribly long and fat.
MiaRoxxx - Vintage Mia: unseen poop fuck! [2020 / FullHD]

A vintage clip of young Mia, never seen before. Riding a hard dick, pissing, pooping on him… and getting fucked in my gaping ass!
LucyBelle - Huge doggy style shit and pressing back [2020 / FullHD]

Dressed in black stockings, I stick my bottom out doggy style and do huge shit. Shit bursts my ass. I collect what falls out and put it back up my ass and stuff it again. I’ll get my hands dirty with shit.
LucyBelle  - Vacuum bag poop [2020 / UltraHD/2K]

See how I prepare the order. I crouch down and poop into a vacuum bag. You can see my whole face.
Dessert of shit [2020 / FullHD]

dirtygardengirl - Up close & Personal 2 [2020 / FullHD]

In extreme close up I treat my shit slave mary (roleplay) to my plump pumped up ass lips expelling an enema, as the water gets dirtier i collect it in a bowl. I smear shit on my bound tities, my lips, my tongue and eat my shit, knowing shortly i will wash it down with a glass of shitty enema water.
Lady tastes shit [2020 / FullHD]

Lily  - Chocolate ass [2020 / FullHD]

Lily  - Lily in stockings shit in a pot [2020 / FullHD]

Lily  - Delicious, chocolate candy [2020 / FullHD]

Lily  - Your dinner on a platter shit [2020 / FullHD]

LucyBelle  - My red lips and doing shit [2020 / FullHD]

I crouch front on the floor, do shit, show shit, my whole face visible with red painted lips, video length 4:17 minutes.
MilanaSmelly  - Mark eats Karina’s shit from a plate [2020 / FullHD]

This is his first experience and it was really difficult for him. Karina tensed and her ass gave out more and more shit, Mark was shocked and looked at the pile that he had to swallow. From time to time Karina asked him to lick the anus so that she could relax. He moistened her smelly anus with his tongue and she relaxed and gave new portions of shit on a plate. Mark held her in his hands and the plate became heavier. The shit stank terribly, Mark looked at Karina’s sweet hole, which gave out sausage after sausage. Then Karina ordered Mark to collect the female discharge with a finger and lick it off.
LucyBelle  - I gotta take a monster! [2020 / UltraHD/2K]

Long piss on the toilet
Pissing on the neighbor’s cock
I gotta take a monster!
LucyBelle  - The longest poop without opening buttocks [2020 / UltraHD/2K]

It was amazing, I didn’t do 3 days to prepare for this movie. I stand back and piss in my panties. Then I stand and poop without opening my buttocks. I keep my hands in front. I felt a warmth on my buttocks that did not go away as the poop came out of me. When I saw my shit on the floor, I was surprised. This shit is the longest buy I’ve ever made. It’s longer than my foot! And thick and hard.
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